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SCoD Connect and Capitalise 2017 Workshop 3 Facilitators

Workshop 3 Facilitators

  Maureen McAteer joined the National Third Sector GIRFEC Project in September 2014 following her appointment as Project Director. Prior to this Maureen had worked with the Scottish Government in the Early Years Collaborative Practice Team. Maureen’s previous role was with the UK charity Action for Children where she worked on a variety of projects over a 13-year period.

     Ronnie Hill brings 40 years of experience in children’s services, including social work, education and regulation. Positions he has held include, Director of Children’s Services Regulation with the Care Commission, Head of Children’s Services with East Lothian Council and Assistant Director, National Services with CHILDREN 1st. A passionate advocate of listening to children, Ronnie firmly believes that GIRFEC holds the promise of helping children, young people and their families have a real say about the nature of the support and services they need. Currently, Ronnie is seconded on a part time basis to the Scottish Government GIRFEC team as their third sector policy implementation advisor.


 Andrew Dewey

 Andy Irvine .


Kim Hartley-Kean, BSc (Hon’s), MBA, Head of RCSLT Scotland Office 

Kim graduated as Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) in 1988 and before her current post worked as an SLT for children and young people with additional support needs and adults with learning disability in Newcastle, Fife and Edinburgh.

As Head of RCSLT Scotland Office Kim leads a team with responsibility for promoting the interests of SLTs and people with speech, language and communication needs in Scottish Government, Scottish Parliament and Local Government.

Current RCSLT activity in Scotland is focussed on

  • Securing national strategic action to optimise the speech, language and communication capacities of all children and young people regardless of their socio-economic circumstances and / or needs;
  • Campaigning with others to create an Inclusive Communication Nation in Scotland;
  • Improving awareness and provision of SLT services for adults with communication support needs in primary, acute and rehabilitation services and
  • Informing the law around provision of augmentative and alternative communication services in Scotland.

Alison McNair is a Paediatric Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, responsible for deaf children across Lothian, working in a  specialist team with deaf children who have a variety of communication needs and using spoken language, BSL, Sign Supported English and Total Communication. I have worked for many years with both deaf and hearing populations and have many contacts within the Deaf community. I am committed to improving the communication needs of deaf children and to supporting their families and those who work with them.  I also am involved in signing in worship in my spare time and have studied BSL Linguistics and Interpreting Skills in order to understand the language better.

Lucie MacAnespie has  worked as a Speech and Language Therapist within the NHS for more than 20 years, mostly with adults with a learning disability. People with a learning disability are more likely than the general population to have a hearing loss and I have worked with colleagues in audiology to improve assessment and intervention. I am keen that Scotland becomes an Inclusive Communication Nation and have worked with colleagues on a number of projects which contribute to this, including being a member of SAIF (Scottish Accessible Information Forum).


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