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SCoD Connect and Capitalise 2017 Workshop Session 3

Workshop Session 3    14:45  to 15:45

Improving Outcomes for children and young people in Scotland  Facilitators Maureen McAteer – Project Director, National Third Sector GIRFEC Project and Ronnie Hill, Scottish Government Third Sector Policy Implementation Adviser.    National update on GIRFEC followed by a discussion on the opportunities and challenges this presents for the third sector.

Connect with BSL users Facilitators Andrew Dewey and Andy Irvine.  This workshop will be an interactive solution based demonstration and discussion activity. Outlining and showcasing what an online BSL video relay interpreting service is and how it can be used to its best advantage from both the perspectives of Deaf BSL users and public bodies/third sector organisations. It will also cover how public bodies and third sector organisations can proactively encourage interaction from BSL users by simply including contactSCOTLAND-BSL on their ‘contact us’ pages.

 Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists: Visions of an Inclusive Communication Nation  Kim Hartley – Kean, Alison McNair and Lucy MacAnespie.  The workshop will focus on Visions of an Inclusive Communication Nation; Progress towards creating an Inclusive Communication Nation in Scotland and the Speech and Language Therapist’s role in creating Inclusive Communication environments, communities and nations; “Join the Inclusive Communication Nation” Campaign activities. 

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