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SCoD Connect and Capitalise 2017 Workshop 2 Facilitators

Workshop 2 Facilitators  


Hilary Third works for the Scottish Government and has policy responsibility for disability equality and for British Sign Language (BSL). She played a lead role in developing the BSL (Scotland) Bill and is now co-ordinating implementation of the legislation. She worked closely with the BSL National Advisory Group to develop the first draft BSL National Plan, which is currently out for public consultation.

Prior to joining the Equality Unit in 2006, Hilary spent 15 years working in the field of housing and homelessness – as an outreach worker for The Children’s Society, an academic researcher at York University and Edinburgh’s School of Planning and Housing, a national policy co-ordinator for the Scottish Executive, and an inspection manager for Communities Scotland. She has a BA in Social Ethics and Community and Youth Studies and an MA in Housing Studies.

Derek Todd has been a Deaf Professional with more than 20 years’ experience on working, volunteering, supporting, informing, advising and guiding Deaf people, their families and friends. As a Profoundly Deaf person and a dad to two beautiful daughters with their big fluffy dog Benji, Derek has a wealth of experience working with both Deaf and Hearing people through Third, Public and Private Sectors. He has worked for RNID Scotland (now known as Action on Hearing Loss Scotland), Deaf Connections, NDCS Scotland twice, Scottish Council on Deafness (SCoD), Deafblind Scotland and is now back at SCoD as their Deaf Sector Partnership (DSP) Coordinator working with both the Scottish Government and Deaf Sector Partnership on BSL (Scotland) Act 2015 work.

Youth work is a huge passion of his and has played a large part of his life. His best ever job was working in the Hospitality Industry at a Nightclub, however his current role as DSP Coordinator is almost on par. Some of the best things that have happened in his life are the birth of his two daughters, seeing young Deaf people growing up & achieving their potential and lastly, of course seeing the BSL (Scotland) Bill passed successfully.



Heather Young  is the Child and Family Support Manager for the National Deaf Children’s Society in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. She manages the Child and Family Support Officers in each of the countries and has over 15 years in the field. Heather has a deaf son.




 Angela Bonomy is the new Director of the National Deaf Children’s Society for Scotland and Northern Ireland. She has a wealth of public and private sector experience, having previously worked for the Scottish Government, NHS Scotland and Boots the Chemists.

Elaine Gibb  joined Voluntary action Scotland in 2013 and works to support Scotland’s 32 Third Sector Interfaces with a focus on network and practice development. Prior to this she worked with Greenspace Scotland for 7 years. She has a background in supporting and enabling local community participation and involvement in decision making, through previous roles as Tenant Participation Officer; as Development Officer for the Black Environment Network and with the Groundwork Trust

Dr Hazel McFarlane is the Sensory Lead Officer for North Lanarkshire and works at Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire. She is a Disability Researcher and activist, who has worked in and alongside the voluntary sector for 22 years. Hazel continues to publish book chapters and journal articles related to disability issues.

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