Over 80% of hearing dogs refused access

Lack of Equality Act Obligation

The recent Let Us In survey revealed that over 80% of hearing dog recipients had been refused access at some point. Respondents reported that they had been escorted from restaurants, shops and hotels; some had been shouted or sworn at and many felt total humiliation at their treatment.

Of course this can happen if someone doesn’t recognise a hearing dog as a Registered Assistance Dog or is unclear on the law on Assistance Dogs and their obligations under the Equality Act 2010.

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People’s campaign seeks to raise funds to enable them to purchase new jackets and lead slips for all the hearing dogs currently working today, providing an even clearer way of recognising a hearing dog. Find out how you can help by visiting their website: www.hearingdogs.org.uk

Think on…

If you have a disability, support takes many shapes; glasses, a hearing aid, a helpful friend, a wheelchair – or a hearing dog. Each person makes a different choice that’s right for them.

So, the next time you take out your glasses to read a menu in a restaurant imagine how you would feel if the waiter told you to remove them – for health and safety reasons.