Ofcom asks Deaf People about BSL on TV

Ofcom is reviewing the signing arrangements for certain TV channels and is asking you for your views in a consultation which runs until 22nd September.
Ofcom is seeking views on whether the signing obligations that apply to low audience channels should be reviewed for the first time since these were set in 2007.
A number of TV channels with an audience share between 0.05% and 1% are required by Ofcom to show TV programmes presented in sign language (‘sign-presented programming’) for viewers whose first language is British Sign Language (BSL).
As an alternative, since 2009, these TV channels may decide to contribute towards other arrangements, provided Ofcom is satisfied that these would make sign language programming available to deaf TV viewers. Around 50 channels, as an alternative, contribute money to the British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust (BSLBT), which pays for sign-presented content shown in the BSL Zone on the Community Channel and Film 4.

The consultation asks whether the amount of signed programming on low audience channels should be increased, and if channels which choose to pay alternative contributions should increase the amount they pay over time.

What do you think? Let them know. For the full consultation text, visit: http://stakeholders.ofcom.org.uk/consultations/review-signing-arrangements-tv/  or follow the BSL summary, by visiting http://youtu.be/VAwQ-BJRjPs.

The closing date for responses is Monday 22nd September 2014