New subtitling service trial in the Scottish Parliament

Scottish Parliament Press Release:

The Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body (SPCB) is committed to providing a Parliament that is open and accessible to all groups in society and where everyone is treated equally with dignity and respect. We continue to strive to demonstrate our commitment to ensuring that all Parliamentary business is accessible to all groups in society.

With this in mind, a new service aimed at making First Minister’s Questions (FMQs) more accessible has been developed and is now available on the Scottish Parliament’s You Tube channel. Subtitles are now available on the video archive of FMQs footage, the same afternoon it is broadcast, improving accessibility and allowing a wider audience to watch questions being put to the First Minister. This initiative will run for an initial trial period until the end of December 2013. The new service will use the text from the Official Report in conjunction with YouTube footage, and will be available after First Ministers Question Time takes places and will usually be accessible by 4.30 pm.

The new service is the latest addition to the range of services available to those wishing to engage in Parliamentary business. These include providing information about the Scottish Parliament and its work in a range of different formats including Braille, audio, large print and British Sign Language. In addition, where visitors are attending parliamentary business or going on a guided tour, BSL / English interpreters and other forms of communication support are available if booked in advance through Visitor Services.

Speaking about the new service, Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body member David Stewart MSP said: “Openness and accessibility have always been at the heart of the work of the Scottish Parliament. I am delighted to announce that we will be trialling this new service as a way of bringing First Minister’s Question Time to as wide an audience as possible. Being able to see subtitled archived coverage so quickly is a significant step forward.”

People wishing to make use of the new service can go to the Scottish Parliament’s You Tube channel. The archived video of FMQs will now include the option to add captions. Should you require any additional information on the new initiative, please do not hesitate to contact the Scottish Parliament Equalities Manager, Aneela McKenna, at