Lloyds Banking Group Offers New BSL Service to Customers

LLoyds Banking Group logoLloyds Banking Group has become the first financial services organisation to launch a dedicated British Sign Language (BSL) service to enable their deaf customers full access to Lloyds TSB, Halifax and Bank of Scotland services.

Business Disability Forum partners Lloyds Banking Group, are committed to making all areas of their business accessible, benchmarking all aspects of their business against the 10 criteria points of the Disability Standard. These criteria highlight business areas which need to be considered in order to meet the needs of disabled people as customers, employees and stakeholders. By using the criteria as a framework to structure your work towards disability, it allows you to measure and improve on performance.

Lloyds Banking Groups new BSL service demonstrates their adoption of criteria point eight: ‘Communication: When your organisation communicates with disabled people you are as inclusive as possible and whenever necessary you make adjustments for individuals.’

The new service is provided by SignVideo and it enables deaf customers to have direct access to their bank’s services and their bank account by using their computer and a webcam. Customers can find the SignVideo service on their bank’s ‘contact us’ page. Once connected, customers talk to the SignVideo interpreter using sign language and the interpreter relays whatever is said to the customer service team.

Graeme Whippy, Senior Manager, Lloyds Banking Group said:
“We understand the importance of making it as easy as possible for customers to talk to us and this is especially true for customers for whom using the telephone isn’t possible. The introduction of a video relay service is our first step in helping such customers with further improvements planned over the coming months.”

Lloyds Banking Group also won ‘best employer in the UK’ in the 2012 Disability Standard Awards.

Visit: http://www.lloydsbank.com/accessibility/signvideo.asp