Department of Work and Pensions – PIP Payment Assessment Guidance Update

PIP Payment Assessment Guidance Update

Over the past few months the DWP has been undertaking work to implement the findings of the Upper Tribunal in the case of MH, relating to how overwhelming psychological distress is considered when assessing a PIP claimants’ ability to plan and follow a journey.

The Department has now published updated guidance to reflect the Upper Tribunal judgment in MH. This can be found at the link below:

Additional Statement

The Minister for Disabled People has laid a Ministerial Statement in Parliament confirming this, which can be found here:

Case Managers will now be applying the new guidance to all decisions from today and the administrative exercise to identify affected claimants (either those already on the caseload, or who have made a claim for PIP since the original judgment) will now commence. This exercise will look back at these claims to apply the decisions of both MH and RJ (relating to safety and supervision) in order to identify claimants who are affected and may be entitled to more support. Payments will then be backdated to the effective date in each individual case. There is also a plain English description of the changes and the administrative exercise available here: