Democracy Matters

The PowerPoint can be found here 

The Local Governance review can be found at

Applications can be made online at

Applications must be in by Wednesday 31st October. Consultation events must take place by 16 November.


The Scottish Government needs feedback from the events by Friday 30 November 2018.

The group can email their feedback directly to the Scottish Government –

But deafscotland  will submit a report on what people with a hearing loss think about local decision-making processes and how they want to be involved.

If the group would like their discussion to inform the deafscotland report, please email the discussion information to Mandy Reid, who is writing our report. Her email address is by 16 November 2018.

Other Regional Events taking place: Please click on the links for more information.

20th November – Edinburgh

21st November – Dundee

22nd November – Aberdeen

26th November: Irvine

28th November – Inverness

28th November – Lerwick

29th November – Glasgow

5th December Oban (afternoon)

5th December Oban (evening)

Shetland – details coming soon