Access to Work: Deadline this Friday

As most of you will know, the House of Commons Select Committee is collecting evidence for the Access to Work Inquiry.

More information can be found:

The deadline to submit evidence is this Friday (20th June).

Please do not rely on other people to submit evidence. If the committee doesn’t know what is happening, they cannot make the appropriate recommendations.

Some suggestions from Deaf UK:
…explain to AtW how you’ve been affected by the ill-trained assessors and advisors who ignore emails and don’t answer your questions
…tell AtW how the new 30 hour rule is totally unworkable
…explain how a salaried interpreter will not work for you
…explain how the call centre has been inaccessible to you and what the consequences were as a result
…tell AtW about any negative experiences you have had with AtW etc
…tell AtW how the changes have affected your ability to work etc.

If you are self-employed and you have been refused AtW because you are not earning the ‘minimum wage’ because your business has just started please send in evidence. Remind the committee that businesses often make a loss during the first year, never mind earn the minimum wage.
How are deaf people supposed to defy the usual laws of economics? Tell the inquiry this.

If you are in a job, and your agreement hasn’t changed, it is likely to be in the future as agreements are being reviewed. Tell the committee why AtW is important for you.

If you feel discouraged from looking for a new job because of the uncertainty in AtW support tell the inquiry.

You can find more information on the Deaf AtW website here:

Again, please do not rely on other people to send in evidence. Every single bit of evidence counts.