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If you have one of our Mental Health postcards and would like to donate to our “Connect Us Too” campaign, please click here. This will take you to the deafscotland Campaigns page. Scroll down to “Mental Health, Wellbeing, Resilience and Emotional First Aid” and follow the instructions.

Information on this website relates to the Scottish Council on Deafness and is not necessarily the position taken by deafscotland. 

The lead organisation for deaf issues in Scotland

SCoD is the lead organisation for deaf issues in Scotland. We aim to ensure that deaf people in Scotland can access services and information across all sectors of society from their local communities to what comes from government departments. We represent organisations working with and on behalf of

  • Deaf Sign Language users
  • Deafblind
  • Deafened and
  • Hard of Hearing people.

We use the term the “four pillars of deafness” to describe Deaf, Deafblind, Deafened and Hard of Hearing as people with different levels of deafness have different barriers to overcome and have different language and communication support needs.

Our membership provides an effective partnership working between the Third Sector, the Public Sector, and the Private Sector, and Scottish Government.
SCoD’s role is supporting our members to support deaf people in Scotland, empowering deaf people in their communities and working with elected representatives for positive change at a national and local level to provide accessible information and services. This has had a positive impact. Ensuring deaf people can access information and see meaningful change in their local communities, we hope to drive grassroots empowerment and positive change across Scotland.

Deaf Awareness Training Offer: 

We have teamed up with AWARENESSbites to provide quality online learning and development to front-line and public facing staff who may not be able to attend face-to-face training courses. If you would like more information, please do contact us to discuss.

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